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Health benefits

Exercise, proper eating habits, and getting a good night’s sleep are only part of the recipe for an active lifestyle. To maintain and enjoy an active lifestyle you need to take care of yourself.

Calm Sleep
Sitting in a hot tub enhances your ability to fall asleep by raising your body temperature and relieving muscles tension. Soaking in warm water before bedtime will promote restful, uninterrupted dreams.

Stress Relief
Relaxation is #1 on the priority list for buyers who purchase a hot tub. A hot tub’s soothing water decreases stress and helps you loosen up.

Relief of Stiffness/ Backaches
Warm, pulsating water promotes blood circulation to aching joints, which helps remove inflammation and relieves pain. Specialized hydrotherapeutic jets targeting the upper and lower parts of the spine soothe inflamed tissue and relieve the throbbing.

Post Exercise Relief
Soak in soothing water after working out at the gym or playing a tennis game. During exercise, muscle tissue tears and lactic acid builds up, leading to soreness and exhaustion. The massaging action of a spa will accelerate the painful healing process as warm water increases blood circulation allowing lactic acid to be carried away from you muscles.

Relief of Headaches
Many people find that soaking in a hot tub relieves headache pain, especially pain from migraines. As the body relaxes, so do the muscles in the head.

Simply Feel Happy!
Warm water stimulates the release of endorphin, which is not only the hormone of happiness but also serves as a natural pain killer. The effect of warm water- increased blood circulation, allows endorphin and other nutrients to access damaged cells. As this happens blood pressure drops and strain is reduced on the heart and other organs.